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Raj Singh Tattal, is a freelance artist from East London. He captures vivid detail in his pieces through the use of graphite and charcoal pencils creating realistic black and white pencil artwork. And has recently started coloured artwork using 'Luminance Colour Pencils'.


His story is one of discovery and passion, where his rekindled love for art at the age of 38 has changed his life for the better.


 Having a passion for drawing all his life, he went on to study A level Art and then went on to graduate with a degree in ‘Industrial Design’ coming top of his class and his final year design being shortlisted for the prestigious ‘Design Award’ 1in 1999.


He then went onto work the 9-5 grind working in different fields mostly unrelated to the arts or design. During this time he did not draw for 12 years, and struggled with mental health issues. Always feeling that he was the odd one out and like an 'alien' among other people and used Alcohol to help ease his depression and anxiety.


In 2012 he then went on to start drawing again after a counselling session for depression. Where he was challenged to try and draw as a way to help his depression.

 From that one drawing his passion for art was reignited. And slowly but surely his depression and anxiety was under control . And his need for alcohol was replaced for his need to draw and express himself.


In 2013 he was then diagnosed with a form of autism 'Aspergers Syndrome' in his late 30's which explained why he had always felt like the 'Alien' in the room and suffered from depression and anxiety most his life.

With his passion for drawing ignited again he made a life changing decision to pursue his passion for art and become a full time artist. That flame has only grown bigger and stronger. BBC article here


One of the only times he feels at peace and content with life is when he has a pencil in his hand and paper in front of him in his studio. Where he works alone and in solitude, when creating his artwork, having complete artistic control over his vision and end goal. 


Whilst his work spans a number of themes and topics, Raj's real passion is to educate and raise awareness of subject matters that are important to him.

His 'art projects' encompasses artwork that tackles social issues, politics etc.  But certain issues are so vast that they require multiple artworks to convey his message such as, animal cruelty, mental health, free speech, through the striking imagery of his work.

By channelling art towards education Raj believes he can help improve social cohesion and make the world a better place by raising awareness.

To learn more about Raj Singh Tattal here is a short film from 2017 'Drawn from Life' about his journey by    

'Sikh lens/Chapman university' here



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